About Me

Hi everyone!

I started blogging to share my journey with essential oils. They are such an amazing and fascinating gift from God! I wanted a place to chronicle what I have been learning. My goal is that any &¬†all essential oil users that visit this blog walk away with a new piece of knowledge whether it’s a quick fact on EO’s or a new reference book they never heard of or a new oil they want to try!

A little more about me: my name is Sarah, I work during the day as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and I began using EO’s in July of 2014. I have one dog named Jack and he is absolutely adorable but also a complete menace at times. I live in Upstate NY. I enjoy crochet, knitting, reading, sewing, and watching TV. I hate olives but love olive oil. If there’s anything else you’d love to know about me let me know!

I found essential oils while I was google [re]searching for healthy, natural alternatives to prescription medications. While I am not, nor was I at the time, on prescription medications I feel that too often we, as humans, turn to the quick fix to solve our problems. I have in the past been on various medications for a multitude of ailments with mixed and sometimes negative outcomes. There are natural solutions out there and it might take time & effort but the results are usually healthier & safer (and, dare I say it, more effective)!

My main concerns/areas I wanted help with were

  • increased pain in my upper back/neck/shoulders from a car accident in Nov 2013
  • PMS symptom relief
  • mild anxiety & job related stress
  • ‘the blues’
Since starting with Essential Oils I have found improvement & relief in many of these areas!
I should tell you right now, dear visitor, I only use Young Living essential oils. I did a lot of research before choosing the company. I did a lot of research on essential oils. All are welcome at this blog however and while I do have a fledgling business with Young Living I make quite enough money at my day job thankyouverymuch so feel free to browse and don’t feel pressured into buying ANYTHING if you are just poking around google for information.

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