My Daily Routine with Young Living Products

What’s that? You want to know the oils and Young Living products I use in my day to day life?

Sure, I can handle that request!



9AM-10AM – (I like to sleep in… don’t judge me! I actually work 3-11pm so this isn’t tooo late. ) Wake up and drink Ningxia Red either in a pouch form or measured out in my NR shot glass. If I’m feeling particularly sluggish I’ll add a Nitro shot to my NR. I have been mixing it with juice and frozen fruit and making a smoothie. So good! I like to add a drop of Citrus Fresh or another EO to my NingXia.

10-11AM – (Ok now you can judge me because sometimes I lay in bed until this time…) Start my diffuser!howdoyoudiffuse-1Sometimes I have my diffusers set up the night before so when I wake up I can just turn them on and my home is filled with the amazing smells of my essential oils. Other times I wake up late and bleary-eyed I stumble through my home with some water and oils trying not to knock something over. I try to have my diffusers running everyday but some days I don’t get around to it or I won’t be home long enough. I usually diffuse En-R-Gee blend or Motivation with a citrus oil thrown in there-they are my happy oils. Sometimes I’m feeling festive and I diffuse Christmas Spirit and if I’ve been around someone under the weather (not hard to do since I work in a hospital) I’m diffusing Thieves or Purification. Not for any other reason but they smell nice; email me for details.

12ish – lunch time! If I haven’t already I have a NingXia Nitro shot. I also pop my Young Living supplements (I usually forget to take them in the morning – just being real ya’ll!) I take BLM, Sulfurzyme, Inner Defense, and I’m going to start Multi Greens soon and Master Hers today. I’m big on product replacement with Young Living so once my mammoth supply of Fish Oil runs out I’ll be using OmegaGize and when my B vitamin supply runs out I’ll be getting YL’s version.

1pm-3pm – Usually you’ll find me running around getting ready for work. I bring my Deep Relief to work as sometimes I overexert myself and end up needing back relief. I try to bring Lavender or Stress Away. The girls I work with try to tell me I’m grumpy when I’m wearing pants vs my skirt but shhh the secret is I’m grumpy when I forget my oils regardless of my outfit choices!

Let’s skip to bedtime!

12am-2am – I dunno about you but I absolutely cannot sleep when I’ve come straight home from work. I’m switching to part-time days here soon so I’ll be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I drink another 2 oz. of NR before bed either while still at work or once I get home. Sometimes I forget but I try to remember because I honestly do better on 4 oz a day. It gets expensive but I have other expensive vices that don’t impact my health in such a positive way. Like shoes, I love shoes and spend way too much on them. Or purses. Ok you get it. I also try to start my diffuser before bed. I diffuse Valor, Lavender or Peace & Calming to support my healthy sleep cycle. I ran out of RutaVaLa but that is my top choice for supporting my sleep. I put it on my ER order this month (I have the roller bottle but I’m getting the 15ml version I plan on filling up the roller bottle and diluting it and then diffusing it as well.)

Let me know what questions you have! I’m planning a post(s) later this week on the various kits Young Living sells which I’m excited about. This is obviously not every single product I use. I apply oils topically as the need arises and I’ve been using the Infused and Feelings Kits with awesome results!

Have an oily day everyone!

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