Say Goodbye to Stains!

Coffee Table Stain


Get Ready to Say #byefelicia to Stains

Yesterday morning I finally decided to tackle a stubborn stain on my white coffee table that I had been pointedly ignoring for a week. Someone (usually I blame things on the dog but it was me this time… #everytime) left a hot pink pack of post-its (say that 5 times fast!) face down on the coffee table near a full glass of cold water in the middle of a hot humid summer day. If you missed 8th grade science class then suffice it to say this did not end well for the post-its or my coffee table.

I knew my trusty essential oils could handle this mess so I broke out my Lemon EO put a drop on there an waited like 30 seconds. (I underestimated the staying power of this post-it note.) When I wiped there was a slight change but I knew I’d need the big guns for this pesky annoyance. I broke out my Thieves Scrub, Thieves Spray, and used a couple more drops of Lemon EO. (Guys, I’ve seen Lemon EO take care of black sharpie on a med cart when NOTHING else touched it so I knew it worked I just underestimated the power of pink!)

stain free life

I put another drop or two of Lemon EO on the stain. I then covered that with the Thieves Scrub (I just used my fingers because I’m a boss like that.) Then I sprayed it with the Thieves spray and scrubbed at it with a regular old paper towel. I’m sure the scrubby side of a sponge would work better but I’m not at that Martha Stewart level.

No more stain on my coffee table and I’m ready to tackle the other stains on my white laminate kitchen counters. (Seriously, do white counter tops just exist to accumulate stains no matter how often they are cleaned?!)

Young Living has a starter kit exclusively for Thieves products if you’re interested:

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