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Have you been looking into essential oils? Looking for a great way to dive in with an excellent leadership team to help guide you through this journey? Grace in Oils is the place to be!

I’m Sarah a Licensed Practical Nurse. In addition to my medical background I will hopefully continue my education towards becoming a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. I love researching these essentials oils and have a vast library of EO books that I read constantly. I also have a wonderful upline of Young Living leaders that are available to field questions and help any ‘newbies’ through the world of essential oils.

Young Living is a company with over 20 years of experience and research. All of the pest control done on their farms is done through essential oils and they hand weed their crops! That’s right I said ‘their farms’ Young Living is the only essential oil company to own their own farms. To learn more visit the Young Living Seed to Seal website.

Personally, I have chosen to only use Young Living essential oils in my home. As I’ve stated many times I did my research! Extensively! There are other essential oil companies out there but in my mind only one reigns supreme, Young Living Essential Oils. I will go into detail on this in future posts but in my mind if you want the best for your family you need to go with Young Living.

There are two options for you to get started with Young Living and your oily journey:

1. Buy via my wholesale membership. I was offered this opportunity before signing up with Young Living. I chose to dive in and get a kit but I think it is an amazing thing to be able to buy oils at wholesale. There is never any reason to pay retail for these oils. Email me at to find out how to piggyback onto my wholesale membership.

2. Purchase a starter kit through Young Living.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

*There is another option for starter kits of a Basic Membership. It comes with two 2 oz packs of NR, samples for sharing, and a bottle of Stress Away for $40. You would also get access to 24% of future purchases.


This company makes it so easy to get started. I also offer this wonderful Welcome Kit free when you sign up with Young Living™ using my member number!

Young Living sign up incentive


Click here to get started with Young Living and then email me at to claim your Welcome Kit!


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