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essentialrewardsAre You On Essential Rewards?

Have you heard about this awesome program Young Living offers? Consider it their auto-ship program like Amazon Subscribe & Save except you earn points that you can redeem on products on your monthly auto-ship order.

What is it?

Essential Rewards is a monthly auto-ship program, like I said above. Your monthly purchase has to be 50PV or more every month. You get to skip one month every 12 months. Unlike other monthly auto-ship programs you can change your order every month! If you know that every month you run out of Frankincense (29PV) and you also would like to try Cedarwood (11.25PV) and Peace & Calming (14.25 PV) which totals 54.5PV and would qualify for the ER program.

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! Seriously, if you hate ER, which I highly doubt, you can CANCEL at any time. Just make sure you redeem your points before you do.

Points, What Points?

Here’s the best part about ER in my opinion you get a certain amount in % back on your monthly ER order.

From the Young Living website:

During the first six consecutive months of participating in the Essential Rewards program, you receive points worth 10 percent of the PV of each Essential Rewards order. During the second six consecutive months, you receive points worth 15 percent of the PV of each Essential Rewards order. At 13 months and beyond, you receive points worth 20 percent of the PV of each Essential Rewards order.

In the example I gave above of an ER purchase of 54.5PV let’s assume it is your first month on ER so you are earning 10% back on your ER order. 54.5PV * 10% = 5.45PV that goes in your ER ‘bank’ and once you earn enough for an oil you are coveting you can redeem those points. Now ER points expire after 12 months so you don’t want to hang onto them indefinitely. I usually wait until I have 100PV or so then start redeeming. Also, while you begin earning points immediately you have to be on the program for 2 full months before you can redeem points.

If you are in month 7-12 on ER your points earned would be 8.17PV and on month 13 you would start earning 20% or 10.9PV back.


What Else?

Another awesome bonus of Essential Rewards is the reduced shipping you qualify for! You can read about it here. Basically if you live in the U.S. and Canada (Hawaii, Alaska, and International will need to contact YL for shipping prices) and your order is under 5 pounds you qualify for $6.98 in shipping for every pound over 5 pounds add 0.63/lb.

What I Recommend?

Sign up for Essential Rewards if you know you have 50PV of purchases to make over the next two months or if there are some oils you want to try. Use the program for those two months and in your third month if you don’t have enough on your wishlist to hit the 50PV then use that as your grace month. In your fourth month if you still haven’t run out of oils or there isn’t a product you want to try then go ahead and cancel BUT make sure you redeem your ER points from your first month first and keep in mind that if you cancel ER and choose to start up at a later date your redeeming rate (the 10%, 15%, or 20%) starts back to 10% and you start back at month 1. That means if you are on month 6 of ER and cancel and start back up in month 8 you are technicially back on month 1 again and are at 10% points back.

Here’s My Bonus Offer

If you are in my direct downline I am offering three books to you for FREE when you sign up for Essential Rewards. I have decided to extend my February offer indefinitely to anyone I personally enroll or is enrolled under me. You get a copy of either Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails or Gentle Babies (your choice!) and a copy of The Chemical Free Home Part 1 & 2. I will cover shipping if you live in the 48 contiguous U.S. states. If you are already a part of my downline and have been on ER then email me at so I can verify and send you your books.

Did you stumble onto this page and aren’t yet a member of Young Living? Check out my other posts here and here to learn more and email me at to learn how to become a Wholesale Member today!

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