Roadtrip Ready with Essential Oils

Are You Roadtrip Ready?

This past week I left for a four day trip to PA. I was attending an Essential Oils class to hopefully become a Certified Aromatherapist one day!

Are you Roadtrip Ready?

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I’m sure I’ve talked about it ad naseum here and in real life but in November of 2013 I was in a car accident because I fell asleep behind the wheel. I had worked an 11-7am shift the night before so I was tired. On this most recent trip the weather in Upstate NY was TERRIBLE. We had a ton of snow and the roads were awful as well. I should have stayed home.

At one point during the trip my van began to drift down a hill and towards an oncoming vehicle. Oh. The. Terror. I pulled the wheel and prayed and I hit the guardrail instead of another car! I didn’t hit it very hard. The van was fine; I was fine. I was understandably shaken and after assessing the situation I prayed to God to decide if I should continue or not. I applied Valor and figured that I was heading towards better weather if I continued to PA and if I turned around I would have to attempt all those awful roads I had just gotten through.

Praise the Lord! I survived the rest of my trip (obviously or I wouldn’t be here to share) and it was a wonderful class I’m so glad I didn’t miss it!

My [New] Roadtrip Essentials

Valor – This is a life-saver. I have Stress Away but I find that Valor works better for me as far as ridding me of the anxiety that I am feeling in the moment. Stress Away works better to keep it at bay or as a way to keep me level at work.

En-R-Gee – For those moments during the trip I felt drowsy. I applied this before I left at 5am and only reapplied once!

Motivation – I didn’t use this on the car ride but during the class. I tend to get sleepy and lose focus when I sit too long even if I am interested in the material being presented. I applied this to my wrists at those times and it helped my concentration levels.

Awaken – I used this the second time I applied En-R-Gee. It makes me nervous when I get sleepy behind the wheel and I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to take a nap.

NingXia Nitro – I took NingXia as per my usual morning routine when I woke up and used this for halfway through the drive along with the En-R-Gee and Awaken. Needless to say I was pretty wide awake at that point!

At the Rest Area

I reapplied the oils at the rest area. I don’t think it’s safe to oil and drive so I pulled off the highway to apply the oils and to take a quick bathroom break.

Here’s a fun fact about me that is not well known: I am terrified of stuffed animals. No, not that cute teddy bear your child has but taxidermy! I seriously cannot handle it. I can’t handle the dinosaur part of museums (I mean I love them so I go but it is terrifying especially if they are animatronic) and I cannot handle stuffed wooly mammoths or basically any animal that was once alive and is now stuffed and looks totally lifelike.

But Sarah, you might say, you always talk about how you LOVE dissecting animals in Biology class. That’s right folks I’m a weirdo. I can’t explain it. I won’t even try.

What does this have to do with my roadtrip? Well this wonderful site was waiting for me at the PA rest stop:


Thanks a lot PA. Almost had a bathroom emergency just to get past this monstrosity to get to the bathroom!

Why PA? No thank you!

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