Natural Health Boosters

I love my essential oils! I love them so much that I created this neat graphic you can refer to for all the oils that come with the Premium Starter Kit and the various uses/body systems they support.

My favorite oil from the Premium Starter Kit is Thieves. I work in a nursing home so I have been exposed to nasty germs pretty much every day this winter. Guess what? I haven’t been sick ONE DAY! What’s my secret? Thieves.

Later in the week I’ll go into more detail on how I use Thieves in my daily routine & at work. This routine has helped me to avoid 3 rounds of the flu sweeping through my nursing home, 2 GI bugs running through the nursing home, and an upper respiratory infection that I avoided even after patients decided that coughing in my face was a good idea!

Natural Health Boosters

Natural Health Boosters using the power of Essential Oils!

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