Essential Oils & Zombies?

Can Essential Oils Save Us From the Zombie Apocalypse?

First of all you have to read this blog post. Go ahead I’ll wait.

Oils Can Save Us from the Zombie Apocalypse

It is hilarious and begins with a somewhat neutral if not indifferent tone towards essential oils. I think we’ve all been there us weirdos (as our friends might view us) who use the “hippy oils.” I know the bf Joshua calls it my hocus pocus and begrudginly allows me to use the EOs (you try typing it out every time) on him.

I love when humor and my obsession meet at a happy medium. Also, Diffuser Bidet… I was in tears with this blog.

Just so you don’t think I slipped and only wrote about something funny. Here is a link to an article about a study done by Australia’s Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital using Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil – available in the Premium Starter Kit) among other oils. They found that Tea Tree Oil was more effective than Chlorhexidine in fighting superbugs like MRSA.

Our zombie apocalypse most likely won’t be with flesh eating monsters climbing out of their graves but instead combating these superbugs and their side-effects.

Remeber a Zombie Apocalypse is scary; essential oils are not scary!

Essential Oils: NOT SCARY

Essential Oils: NOT SCARY

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