Let’s Talk Prayer With Essential Oils

Are you using Essential Oils when you pray?

Let’s Talk: Prayer & Essential Oils

Prayer & Essential Oils, Are You Nuts?

No. (Well maybe a little but not about this!)

When I do my morning devotional I use essential oils. One of the amazing things that has happened since I began using Young Living Essential Oils is that my relationship with God has blossomed. I never imagined that I would grow closer in my walk with Christ through a MLM company!

My upline & crossline leaders are a fantastic group of women & men. They are so wonderful and encouraging. They constantly refer us back to scripture and point to specific verses to prayer over our teams and our lives.

Just a Little Skeptical at First

When I first began my oily journey I would see references to essential oils in the Bible. We all, hopefully, know the gifts the Three Wise Men brought to baby Jesus: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. I grew up in a Catholic home and attended Catholic school for 10 years so I have heard the Christmas story countless times but I never questioned the gifts. I never thought, “Well I get gold, cuz obviously, GOLD, you know but what about that other stuff Frankincense and Myrrh. What is up with that?” Well it turns out that essential oils or substances resembling essential oils were very popular during Biblical times. Check out Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart for lots of info on oils in the Bible. I don’t want to dissect all the info here as it would take too long and I’m already verbose enough and you really should read his words on the subject it’s fascinating!

I bought the book, I’d heard references to oils in the Bible, and there were people in the Facebook groups I belong to that were talking up essential oils and prayer but still I resisted.  What changed? Well I finally read the book! In it David Stewart talks about “The Power of Prayer” on page 33. Two simple sentences and I knew I had to try this myself, “Negative thoughts lowered the frequencies of the oils by 12 MHz while positive thought raised them by 10 MHz. Prayer made an even greater difference, raising the frequency levels by 15 MHz.” Crazy, right? Well some people probably think it’s crazy to believe at all so I’m willing to err on the side of the crazies!

Small Beginnings…

At first my prayer life and oils was relatively simple. When using Deep Relief for my back discomfort I would offer up simple words to the Lord such as, “Please God use your healing oils to ease my discomfort” or when my anxiety was getting the best of me I would offer up a silent plea while using Grounding, Stress Away, or Valor. I was immediately receiving better results with my oils. You can chalk it up to using them more consistently and purposefully but I know that through Him all things are possible. Reading David Stewart’s book made me realize, too, that true therapeutic oils, like the ones Young Living produces, are God’s medicine.

Yes, I’m a nurse by profession. Yes, I believe in modern medicine as well. I don’t put my faith in modern medicine. I put my faith in my Creator. In my life I have chosen to reach for His medicines first. If I have an emergent situation like I accidentally chop a finger off you better believe I’ll be heading to the Emergency Room applying Frankincense or Lavender and praying my little heart out the whole way until I am seen by a provider. But I know in that type of situation it is also a blessing from God that I live in an area where I have access to modern medical establishments. Moving on because I am off topic now!

Daily Prayer & Essential Oils

Let's Talk: Prayer & Essential Oils

Shown in the picture is my Bible in it’s awesome case with my favorite verse to pray lately, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, and the Young Living Essential Oils I use. I don’t do all of them every time I sit down to pray. I usually pick one or two depending on what mood I am in or what I feel will fit the desires of my heart for that day. I have been using Believe and Abundance lately but they are all great blends to use. I love diffusing Sacred Frankincense or running my resin burner with Frankincense in it.

Using essential oils in my morning prayers has deepened my understanding of scripture. If I am having trouble with a certain passage I can apply Highest Potential or even Brain Power to spark the neurons so I can understand. If I need help to see where God is calling me I can use Envision or Awaken. If I am struggling against demons in my heart or anxiety or fear I can use Valor to dispel those negative emotions. Believe should be pretty self-explanatory and Abundance follows the verse on my Bible cover Jeremiah 29:11.

How Do I Start Using Essential Oils in Prayer?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong way. Just like there are many different ways people pray. I just bought a journaling Bible and I scribble notes during my morning prayers. Some people wouldn’t want to write in a Bible so they meditate or play worship music. In my opinion it’s all about the intent in your heart when you pray to God.

If you are interested in learning more or want to try out essential oils in your prayer life let me know! You can hop on my wholesale order and get one or two of the essential oils I mention about at 24% off retail prices. There is also the option of buying a Premium Starter Kit and taking advantage of my February promotion!

At the end of the day all that matters is your time spent with Jesus whether it’s small prayers offered up throughout the day or like myself time in the morning diffusing oils and using topically.

Leave a comment, share, or follow my post. Let me know how you incorporate oils into your prayer life & daily routines! I’d love to hear more.

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