Young Living Welcome Kit Free BONUS Offer

Grace In Oils Free Bonus Kit Offer

Update: I still have a ton of these items left! I am leaving this Essential Rewards giveaway up through March. If you are a member of the Grace In Oils downline and sign up for Essential Rewards in March you qualify for these items! Email me to claim them.

This February (actually starting today!) for anyone who enrolls with the Premium Starter Kit through Young Living & signs up for Essential Rewards in addition to the amazing Young Living Welcome Kit that is already offered you will receive BONUS items from Grace In Oils.

If you’ve been on the blog for awhile you have noticed the importance I place on research. Using essential oils is a very personal choice! How you use them in your home is completely up to you. If you want to focus on diffusing, using topically, or occasional internal usage that is truly a personal decision. I want to equip you with the resources you need to make informed decisions regarding essential oils and your family but at the end of the day I am not licensed to prescribe, diagnose, or treat so any decision to use or not to use essential oils is at your own discretion!

Wow, that’s not too much pressure is it?

Don’t worry though! I want to equip those in my downline with valuable, trusted books that can help you navigate through this world of essential oils. I already offer access to about 4 private Facebook groups where you can connect with other essential oil users and read testimonies and suggestions on use. This added bonus offer is absolutely amazing!

What you receive from Grace In Oils whenever you sign up for a Premium Starter Kit:

  • FREE Welcome Kit with Essential Oil Starter Guide $40 value

What you receive if you enroll with Young Living’s Essential Rewards program after signing up for a Premium Starter Kit with Grace In Oils:

Grace In Oils Bonus Offer

Grace In Oils Bonus Offer

That’s $68 of free stuff depending on which book you choose! The amazing part is that you can sign up for the Premium Starter Kit (which in itself is an amazing value) and sign up for Essential Rewards after you’ve received it and realize how much you love Young Living Products. You do not need to purchase the Premium Starter Kit and sign up for Essential Rewards on the same day!

Why Am I Making This Amazing Bonus Package?

Perhaps it is because I am a nurse but I truly believe that everyone should be empowered in their healthcare decisions. There is also a lot of conflicting info available on the internet. I want to equip those that signup through me with multiple outlets for gaining answers. Unfortunately, I may not be awake at 2AM to answer questions when your baby is sick or you’ve stubbed your toe.

The Essential Oils Pocket Reference is a great tool and I reference it daily but it is a general guide versus a specific reference whereas I feel the Gentle Babies or Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails books are specific resources! I don’t agree or adhere to all of the recommendations in those books but they are a great tool to reference especially when you are just starting this journey.

Essential Rewards is an amazing program that Young Living offers. Check out this graphic for more details:



The ER autoship program is awesome and it is NOT REQUIRED. The minimum monthly order on ER is $50. You can take one month off in a 12 month period. You can cancel anytime. Once you get these products in your home I know you will love them and you will want to be on the Essential Rewards program to replace the essential oils you use up in your PSK. You are still eligible for the Welcome Kit I offer even if you decide not to sign up with Essential Rewards!

How to Get the Welcome Kit and the Bonus Items?

  1. Sign up via the link and choose the Premium Starter Kit option. There are a couple of Premium Starter Kits to choose from. They are all an excellent value and whichever you choose would qualify you for the Welcome Kit however the Premium Starter Kit with the Everyday Essential Oils collection is the most popular and the kit that I signed up with originally!
  2. Email me at and let me know that you just made an EXCELLENT choice for your family and want to claim your Welcome Kit!*
  3. Wait patiently for the delivery guy and try not to tackle him when he shows up with your packages from Young Living & Grace In Oils.
  4. Use the oils! Connect with me on Facebook and get access to the private groups. Once you are ready to order more oils or try new products sign up for Essential Rewards through your Virtual Office.
  5. Email me again at and let me know you signed up for Essential Rewards to claim your BONUS items!
  6. If you are super excited about oils like I was you can combine steps 1-5 instead of spacing the purchases out. This will save you on shipping costs and you will get the bonus items that much sooner!

Young Living Essential Oils are the only essential oils I allow in my home. I love them and I am confident you will to! That’s why I am making this offer. I don’t want you to wait one more minute to get these oils in your home. Contact me at with any questions you might have prior to your purchase and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

*Offer valid from today January 29, 2015 2:00PM EST until February 28, 2015 11:59PM EST. Only applicable to wholesale distributors signing up using member # 1938897 in both enroller & sponsor field. Free shipping of the Welcome Kit and Bonus Items offered to signups in the United States only.

**The Welcome Kit ships directly from my home and I assemble and purchase these items with my commission from Young Living. There is NO LIMIT to how many of these kits I am willing to give out in February. However, please understand that I am not a billionaire and I have to purchase these items in quantities that make sense for my family & budget. I am also waiting patiently for companies to ship items to my door so you WILL get these items it just won’t be a quick turn around like Amazon or another big box retailer. Once I get the items I have to assemble the kits, place them in a box, and ship them out. I know we live in a society of instant gratification but trust me this will be worth the wait!


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